Image of pipe infrastructure.

Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Beginning spring 2020, UC Davis begins a project that literally lays the groundwork for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels while immediately decreasing our energy and water use. Starting in May and continuing over the course of the next two years, we are going to begin to replace a portion of our campus’s oldest, natural-gas powered steam-heat system – located throughout the Quad District – with a new, hot-water system. This involves the installation of two new distribution heat exchangers and laying 4 miles of underground and return piping to connect the new system to 31 buildings.

Below is an overview of the project’s construction timeline — it is subject to change. Please sign up for our e-newsletter to be kept up to date.

Using the Map

  • See the legend. Click the icon next to the title "Big Shift Construction Schedule." This toggles the map's legend to appear.  button
  • Toggle layers. Click or unclick the boxes next to the different "Upcoming Construction" layers to view future construction in various levels of detail. The initial view shows red as active construction, yellow as upcoming construction and green as completed construction, but you can also switch on layers that show the construction schedule by quarter as well as by quarter and segment.
  • Zoom in. use your mouse's scroll wheel or track ball when hovered over the map portion. 
  • Full screen. To view the map in full screen mode, click the "four corners" icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the map. (Once in full screen mode you can click on the plus and minus icons located in the lower-left-hand corner of the map.)
  • Detail view. To zoom in on a specific segment, click the title of that segment in the map's legend.