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First and largest phase of Big Shift is complete

After more than two years of digging trenches, laying pipes and converting mechanical rooms, the first district of the Big Shift is complete. In a landmark achievement, hot water is running through the Quad district and heating buildings at UC Davis.

Never resting on our laurels

From researching how to more efficiently cool buildings to adding compost bins to classroom buildings, many units across campus perform invaluable work that allows UC Davis to continuously reach the highest levels of sustainability.

Shifting toward sustainability, building by building

In an important milestone for the Big Shift, hot water is now flowing through recently laid pipes into six buildings in the Quad District, providing them with heat from a more renewable source.

What About My Steam-Powered Appliance?

Thanks to the Big Shift project, our campus is moving away from using natural-gas-created steam to heat our buildings to green-energy-produced hot water. So, what happens to other stuff we use that runs on steam?

Steampunk-style delivery from Stanford prepares campus for Big Shift

In mid-November a crane carried an amalgamation of pipes and tanks, approximately the size of a semi-truck, into the air then down into an unassuming, temporary building just off California Avenue. This impressive piece of machinery is a heat exchanger and a crucial piece of the Big Shift puzzle.

Construction Milestone! North Quad finalized, reopened

This week, after months of hard work, Big Shift construction crews wrapped up construction on North Quad—one of the first sections of construction that kicked off the Big Shift in May of this year.

Big Shift — Larger than One Project

The move from a steam to hot water is at the core of the Big Shift, but it’s only one part of a larger effort toward shifting our investments, our energy supply and our commitment as a campus to becoming more sustainable.

Down to the Roots: Tree Protection During Construction

Digging trenches with heavy machinery can have a major impact on campus landscapes and trees if not managed carefully. Big Shift construction crews are taking tree protection and conservation measures to limit this impact.

Is it snowing on campus?

As the Big Shift project snakes its way around campus you may notice construction crews emptying large bags of white powder into the hot-water-pipe trenches. What is it and how is it helping save energy and reduce our carbon emissions?

Hidden pipes revealed!

Digging the trenches that will eventually hold our new hot water pipes is no easy task! Just look at the maze of other utility pipes that crisscross the campus just beneath our feet!

Big Shift Toward Carbon-Neutral Future

Moving UC Davis toward a carbon-neutral future is kind of a big deal. And the construction project that is literally laying the groundwork to help the campus get there is big, too. In fact, we call it the Big Shift — a multiyear project on the Davis campus to shift to a new source of energy to heat most campus buildings.