Hidden pipes revealed!

Image of pipes that crisscross the campus and show how difficult digging the Big Shift project is.
Just beneath the surface of our campus landscapes and hardscapes live a tangle of pipes that carry everything from sewer water to electricity. This image shows what the contractors must navigate in order to lay the pipes that will eventually heat our buildings with energy efficient hot water.

Neurosurgeons are probably one of the only occupations that can appreciate the precision with which contractors working on the Big Shift project must work. Digging the trenches that will eventually hold our new hot water pipes is no easy task! Just look at the maze of other utility pipes that crisscross the campus just beneath our feet!

Thanks to UC Davis Design and Construction Management's Big Shift Project Manager Dan Golde for sharing and labeling the image above so we have a better idea of the precision this job requires and what the contractors must navigate.