Hot water pipes laid in Big Shift trench
Big Shift crews pour Gilsulate 500XR to cover and insulate newly placed hot water pipes along Hutchison Drive.

Quad District: Big Shift Fall 2022 Update

Big Shift crews have been pounding the pavement, installing hot water pipes throughout the quad district for the past 17 months. Through careful planning and hard work, the Big Shift team completed construction on major streets and intersections while the campus was operating at a reduced capacity to minimize the impact of construction.

Person in safety vest featuring Big Shift logo stands near a Big Shift construction site

Coming soon to a construction site near you

Big Shift is teaming up with Aggie Host to help the campus community navigate around construction fences. If you have any questions regarding detours or want to find out more about the project, keep an eye out for Big Shift safety vests near heavily trafficked construction sites in the coming weeks.

Constructions on over 30 segments, nearly two thirds of projected construction, has been completed, including the entirety of heavily trafficked thoroughfares like California Avenue and North Quad. In addition significant portions of planned construction along Hutchison Drive and East Quad have been completed. To see the progress, alongside active and upcoming construction, check out the interactive map.

Constructions continues along Hutchison Drive, including near Everson Hall and near Surge III, blocking off some sidewalks, but not causing any road detours. While construction and landscape restoration are complete on East Quad, fences remain to protect the newly placed sod. Track the progress of each segment in the progress table.

In addition to digging trenches, Big Shift crews are hard at work in the mechanical rooms of buildings in the quad district converting them to heat the buildings using hot water. Find out more about building conversions.

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