Construction Updates

Quad District: Big Shift Fall 2022 Update

Big Shift crews have been pounding the pavement, installing hot water pipes throughout the quad district for the past 17 months. Through careful planning and hard work, the Big Shift team completed construction on major streets and intersections while the campus was operating at a reduced capacity to minimize the impact of construction.

Quad District: April 30, 2021 Update

Big Shift crews are busy at work on California Avenue, Bioletti Way and Hutchison Drive, digging trenches, installing new pipes, and covering installed pipes.

Quad District: February 12, 2021 Update

Big Shift crews are making progress across the map, backfilling trenches on California Avenue and Tercero Hall Drive and trenching on Hutchison Drive.

Quad District: December 11, 2020 Update

Big Shift crews have made significant progress in construction near Young Hall and in the Young Hall courtyard and are working on finalizing construction near East Quad. In addition, crews have started construction near the Silo and on Tercero Hall Drive.

Quad District: November 20, 2020 Update

Crews have started construction between the Plant & Environmental Sciences building and continue construction across the Quad District.

Quad District: October 9, 2020 Update

Crews began construction near Hickey Gym and Kerr Hall and continue work on California Ave, East Quad and the Young Hall courtyard.

Quad District: August 28, 2020 Update

As crews finalize work on North Quad and continue work on East Quad, Big Shift construction will be expanding off of East Quad and into the Young Hall Courtyard.

Quad District: August 6, 2020 Update

Approximately four crews will be working during this timeframe. Crews 1 and 2 are installing pipe on North Quad while Crew 3 does the same on East Quad. Crew 4 is working near the Enology Lab Building on the construction of a heat exchanger building as well as nearby trenching.