Trenching in the Young Hall courtyard

Quad District: October 30, 2020 Update

Crews finished construction on North Quad and are finalizing work near Hickey Gym backfilling trenches and near Veihmeyer Hall doing surface restoration. Crews are also continuing construction on California Avenue, East Quad and in the Young Hall courtyard.


North Quad is now open to vehicular traffic!

A portion of California Avenue, between North Quad and Kleiber Hall Drive, is closed to all traffic. California Avenue is closed to thru traffic between Kleiber Hall Drive and Shields Avenue. A vehicular detour is available through West Quad.

Check out the map below to see where construction fencing is located as well as pedestrian and vehicular detours.

Please note that the pedestrian crossings shown through the fencing on the map may be closed at some points during construction for public safety reasons.

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Big Shift Construction Progress

See what construction crews are working on in the different areas, the projected construction duration for each area and noise levels for each phase of construction.

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